15 October 2015

Day 8. Friends, sugar is in everything!

The average person eats an average of 300 extra calories PER DAY from sugar found in packaged food.  

I slipped up a few days ago and ate a few vegi pot stickers from the freezer. I tried to convince myself that the extra sugar in the tamari that they add to their veggies wouldn't be noticeable. Normally I would just remove the flavor packet but the sauce was mixed in; I was wrong. The sugar made it taste amazing and made me want to eat more after I was already done eating. I waited it out and eventually my tummy caught up with my brain, but woah!

Things I've noticed since starting this 8 days ago: as tempting as it is to grab cold coffee from the case, every single brand has added sugar. If you know any that don't, please enlighten me.  
Not only has this, 'no sugar plan' already saved 2 inches off my waist, it's saved me several dollars on food and drink I would have normally bought on the fly.
Side note: plain espresso tastes SO BITTER!
I Will definitely be stocking up on sugar-free almond milk pouches to carry with me when I go into the city. All of the cafes that offer soy/nut milks have added sugar and I'm so off drinking milk now it makes me feel sick.

Mood wise, I'm sometimes on edge, can get a bit hangry and must think of my meals ahead of time, which doesn't always work and takes some planning.  
I ate Chinese Food with a friend the other day and forgot to ask about the sugar in the food. I've since realized that I can't really go out to eat any longer if I'm going to be adamant about taking this to 80 days.. Sugar is in everything!

Things I've had to let go of this week: Soy Creamer for the coffee, (this was a bit hard) regular Almond Milk just makes the coffee watery. Cold Coffee from the case at the market all contains sugar. Nutritional Bars...sugar. Pot Stickers... sugar. Eating out in general....too embarrassed to ask about every ingredient. Cheese Board muffins.. Oh how I miss the millet, corn and carrot spice.. Chocolate, Maple Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup for baking, (baking is now officially out of the question until I figure stuff out, Mocha Coffee from Phillz, (the only thing I know how to order, so that's out until I have a few hours to learn their menu. More I can't remember because I now forget stuff super easily. I feel like my brain has relied on sugar for energy, memory and even thinking clearly. I'm sure this will all pass once my brain has re-programed itself off of sugar.  
I've been addicted since as far back as I can remember, sugar is a quiet addiction, no one notices, they may notice you've gotten a bit heavier but no one's like, "hey, slow down on those carbs and mochas, you're going to kill someone!" No. It's socially acceptable. Things I've added to my daily grind this week: fruit bars with flax from Trader Joes, homemade popcorn, fresh juices instead of coffee, (so much better for me anyway). Espresso shots, (sometimes I just need that boost, though it tastes awful), cooking at home and packing a lunch or dinner, great for the pocketbook but takes some advanced planning.
I've got a lot to learn and I'm learning a lot about my habits.
I'm super glad I decided to give myself this challenge to stop eating sugar for 80 days What I'm learning could potential save my life.

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