20 February 2013

Lucid Dreaming

It's Spring and my liver's living green, it's a green-mean, dreaming machine; and it's all-night-long.
Wish I could say more. Instead, I'm taking notes--short hand in wonderment of what my subconscious is trying to freely express.
When I am able to fully engage in my dreams: I'm in love, I'm treated with care and respect in my relationships, I'm visiting past-on family members with ripe advice, I'm truly living the dream--but I am dreaming? Have you ever tried to go back to sleep just so that you could continue where you left off before you woke? Must be pure will to do so. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.
For a long time I didn't dream. I was in a bad sleep pattern.
Now my dreams have returned and they are teachers of the dream-time. They are constantly pulling at my need for more meditation, more journaling, and the list goes on. With all of these items coming into place, I can feel myself finally coming back to center. The feeling is unbelievable, like finding a lost item that was treasured.
While looking at old photographs yesterday I was reminded of who I am and my potential to have faith. Faith in love, faith in creativity, faith in exploration and wonderment. Life has not always given me lemonade, but with these tools and my free will I am able to see just how far I have come and how open I am to keeping on this path of faithfulness. Today, I renew my Vision Quest vow: 'To have faith'. Having faith is like having a full tank of endless possibilities. I encourage you to look within, to your own dream-time. What are your dreams trying to tell you? What is it that you need to free yourself and to be available to cultivate your own growth?

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