06 September 2011

Crickets and Toads

Last night the most glorious song was played! A beautiful melody.
A song for poetry!
A Toad was singing in my flower bed.
It was lovely while it lasted and then faded out, back into the mystery.
Tonight it's a another symphony!
The Crickets play tonight!
60 glorious beats-per-minute, mimicking the beating heart of mama earth herself.
All of these new sounds and I miss living in the woods again. I miss Crickets and Toads singing at night.
I miss hearing Owl in the tree outside. I miss silence too.
All those creatures come out at night--emerging from bush and under burrow, waiting to drink and grateful for the harvest.
The moon is becoming full and I'm loving the crisp morning air.
It's that time again, to put another blanket on the bed, bake bread, light a fire;
time to dream. (~*~)

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