27 September 2011

Are you a happy person?

Something weird happened to me the other night.
I went dancing with a lovely friend that I've known for over 20 years.
It was a night of old skool dj's, so we knew some of our friends would be there.
We came early, bought some sparkling waters and beer and sat on the stage in front of the dj booth.. We were excited to boogie.
I was surround by 50 potential gay boyfriends and my sweet sister-friend-of-soul.
I was all set.
The room was fishbowl in shape and everyone stood along its edges, only one brave guy danced. He was popping to a different drummer. I got up and joined in.
Eventually we migrated toward each other.
I noticed he was playing a mirror game with me. Every move I would make, he would follow with a similar movement. He put his spin on each movement, it was an awesome night. He was young, gay and had rhythm so we immediately bonded; and since he was mirroring me, I decided to mix a little Qi Gong into my dance moves to see what he would do with it. Qi Gong often reminds me of break dancing in slow motion.
He caught on rather quickly and soon we were each moving to our own rhythm--the feeling was epic and after a few minutes we were surrounded by dancers.
I felt my job a gogo maiden was complete for the moment and was compelled to take a little break and sit with my friend as the room filled to capacity.
Sitting with all in view, I noticed a hunky looking brother with nerdy glasses and a gorgeous physique dancing near us. I pointed him out to my friend inconspicuously as we watched the people move to, "Your Sister's House" djs from back in the day.
My dear sister-friend and I shared an apartment above Knock Knock on lower Haight in the early 90's, so we frequented Your Sister's House back then, and now, 20 years later. Some real friendly people showed up for this party.
Just as I had stated my love for the place, my friend asked if we could scooch down from our seats a bit to make room for some hootchi mamas that had suddenly moved in a little too close for comfort. They were somewhat extremely drunk and angry, not a good combination.
I decided to get up and dance for a minute and that's when he introduced himself. We danced briefly and my sister-friend joined us.
By now big circles had formed around the room.
This scene was similar to the clubs I'd frequented in NYC in the early 90s; circles of people giving space to one dancer at a time, peeps taking turns to really bust it out.
I was immediately in love with these people. They were my crew.
One guy jumped in to bust out and he really gave everyone a great show.
He was at least 20 years older than most kids in that circle, yet he still held his own.
I was truly impressed. One of the original B-Boys.
My guy and I danced some more, he was a good dancer and had a beautiful physique.
I was totally stoked for the attention he was giving me: he smiled, made eye-contact, casually touched my hair, and complimented me.
I looked at his ear and noticed he had some kind of ear piece in it. I looked closer and noticed that the ear piece led to an ipod.
I asked him what he was listening to and he said, "nothing", and laughed nervously.
I was puzzled.
For a moment I felt a little bit of a wall between us, but my Buddhist training marched in and I let it go.
I told him if what he was listening to was private then that was cool by me.
I had almost forgotten all about it when he pulled me to the side hallway to ask for my phone number.
We stood talking for some time and then he said, "ok, you can listen".
I put the ear-bud in and heard very soft music which sounded almost, "fairy-like" under the loud thump of the drum and base from the House dj.
For a brief moment the music coming from his ipod almost sounded like something like, The Cocteau Twins, or that is what I was almost hoping for.
When the dj started mixing in the next record, I was finally able to hear what my new friend was listening to. It wasn't the, Cocteau Twins or anything close to that, the music was loud, too loud; a tooth-ache sweet-twang being sung by a high-pitched female Country Music Singer. As I looked at him quite confusingly he said the words, "Taylor S w i f t".

W h a t did you say? What is a beautiful, built, brother-man doing in a Deep House Club listening to T a y l o r S w i f t?

When I asked him about it, his reply was, "I'm just a very happy guy, are you a happy person?"

Since I had never heard of Taylor S w i f t, I had to tell my friend what had just occurred. She laughed and said, "but T a y l o r Swift is a teen country singer!

Are YOU a happy person?

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