08 March 2011

Sweet Tuesday

It's a beautiful day today, I'm gearing up for some serious study time as well as a nice long swim in my claw-foot tub, ( a real luxury for me these days). Since I've been in school I've pretty much only had stand-up showers, except for three months I got to sublet Allen Ginsbergs old room on Cayuga St.

Santa Cruz was full of surprises.

Today is Tuesday, which has long been my favorite day of the week. It all started when my friend and I would go hiking every into the hills and back woodds of Marin. We would find lush open fields to lie on the grass, play guitar, or sun bathe--ever since I've always loved Tuesdays.
Now, my favorite vinyl spinning gent plays records on 90hz on Tuesdays and I continue to treasure this day of the week.
I like to light candles, lay on the Afghan rug and listen until I fall into a dreamy half-sleep.
My dreams are nothing short of celestial on these nights.

Tonight, I woke up singing Statedlife's song, "Peace, (Radar of hope) D.M." but I had changed the lyrics from, "a radar in my heart" to "a rainbow in my heart".

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