13 March 2011

My heart goes out

This little watercolor was originally intended to be a Coral Reef, the colors of the sea mixed with delicate life of a living underwater organism--but my artwork often turns out quite differently in the finished project than it starts out.
Now when I look at this picture I see a Tsunami.

My heart goes out to those hundreds of thousands displaced and suffering from the destruction of the quake and by the fierce waters of the tsunami this weekend. I can't imagine the loss and suffering that is present there now.

A friend recently asked me how climate change affects things like earthquakes and tsunamis. I did a little reading and what I learned was that when the earth's plates are heated up, (global warming) or cooled down, (glacier's melting) it causes the plates to shift and shifting may cause earthquakes.
Many things can cause the plates to move and the more they move, the more earthquakes and tsunami's we get. It may be possible that this tsunami could have even caused the earth to tilt on her axis which can cause long term climate changes in many parts of the world even causing some places to be more tropical or change over time.
Living in the Bay Area has its risks. We live life here knowing that at any moment Mama Earth could shake a crazy tail feather.

I want to send out love to all of the people of Japan affected by the earthquake and the tsunami, may find the strength to rebuild their lives after such a disaster.


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