03 January 2011

New Moon Void

Cold, dark, moon.

I climbed the wooden stairs that led closer to the sky.
A beautiful view of the sleeping lady and her jeweled city to the South. I am transfixed by the night air.
I breath it all in. I am instantly transformed.
I could spend all night up here.
I tilt my head all the way back in the chair so that I can see the view.
The belts are bright tonight and then the thoughts set it.
Deep breath, back on focus--watching for those dazzling sparklers streaking into this celestial playground.
I tilt my head back further like a lizard looking for water from a cloud.
I need to be more precise tonight. But, before I know it, the cherry has gone out and I find myself flicking the butt to the ground and not thinking twice about it.
It feels good to be bad. Hand-rolled, twisted, shared; left over from a pleasant New Year's Eve. So happy to have this beautiful rooftop with its gorgeous view of our city by the bay--her jewelry sparkling so bright tonight and broadening into some sort of neon dream-scape.
Not like those satellites that line the skies in symmetrically farmed columns like well-manicured forests on blm land that make me want to cry.
Soon enough the stars will be too light to see with the naked eye and the skies with be lost for gazing, but I can't think about that now.
On this delicious chocolate night, I'd like to plant these hearty seeds of intentions.
These sweet little treasure-pods of translucent cobalt dreams; I've been carrying them around for weeks. I send these seeds out as intentions; riding these waves deep into the night. The new moon is fertile and the best time to plant seeds and go within.

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