27 December 2010

a thought today

"Emptiness is empty of our assumptions, and it is full of compassion."
~ Sakyong.
This is the mantra swimming around in my head today. I try to make an effort. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to make room for what I don't know and yet I keep coming back to the same ol' lessons. If only my assumptions could be towards faith; faith in the other, faith in the order of this karmic chaos. It's much more of a yogic workout to participate in conscious awareness, in thought and in action/manifestation. I love these daily reminders. I love not knowing, and of being in the flow of effervescent joy, but isn't that also clinging? The less I cling, the happier I am. The more I cling, the less joy flows and the more I am reminded of past waves of disappointment. So, the goal, if there could be one, would be to find the inertia to keep that momentum of continual emptiness going so that I can befriend the watcher as the watched and listen closely to the inner voice of compassion before clinging to the, all-assuming ego-self. Being out in nature seems to help this process immensely. Trees grow only when they are rooted deep into the earth; otherwise they easily fall with the slightest wind. They can move gently with each breeze but still stand firm. When I am rooted and my intentions are clear, I am like the most beautiful, tall, deeply rooted tree in the forest. There is no need for figuring things out. There is no need for why and how--there is only now, and now, and now. This is where I am happiest. In those quiet moments of peaceful interactions where presence is in abundance and questions fade away.

(photo taken from the side of Mt. Tam, with views of San Frandisco, Sausalito and Tiburon).

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