06 November 2010

Opening like a flower

A veil is being lifted. It's lifting rather slowly, though. reality. can. change. overnight. The only constant that we can rely on is love & change. Love is love is love, and change is change is change; so what about it? "Open yourself like a flower." My teacher, Oriel said. I think what he meant was for me to open up to the world around me. Slowly this mantra comes back to me, everything seems to work like a spiral. Let this life be a testament to my dedication to love and gentleness. Aho! Being gentle is (wo)man's ultimate lesson. Our energy and the energy we put out creates waves of energy, (like one would see after having thrown a pebble in a still pool of water), we send our intentions out into the world. Let's open our eyes, beauties, and have a look around. We make the change we want to perpetuate. And I for one, would like to surround myself with love. And don't we stand up for love? Don't we smile to love? Don't we sing songs about love, write poems to love, make fires to love? We set intentions to be grateful, to have empathy, to accept change and to be a part of the world, so let us manifest our intentions, send them out and create the world we want to live in. The time has come to manifest this joy we seek. Lets open ourselves to LOVE ~

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