13 November 2010

Ginger Root Hair Oil

Today I spent most of the day catching up on homework and writing papers that are due in the coming weeks. One paper in particular was for my Herbal Preparations Class next weekend. Our professor gave us the assignment of preparing a household item or two out of Chinese/Western herbs.

Since I've been trying to grow my hair out, I've been paying a lot of attention to keeping my hair healthy and at the same time I am on a strict college-student budget which doesn't allow for the occasional expensive products here and there. So, when I was given this assignment the first thing I thought of was that I would like to make a hair product for the assignment.
While we typically turn to our herb gardens to embellish a salad or a savory sauce, herbs can do wonders for the hair, face, and skin.
Herbs contain chemical compounds that can help restore the hair's natural balance and shine. Specific herbs target particular problems.
Chamomile, promotes hair growth while Burdock Root reduces hair loss. Ginger Root strengthens hair and stimulates growth while Sesame Oil gives hair shine and body. The following recipe is for Ginger Root Hair Oil Treatment, enjoy~

Gan Jiang (Ginger Root) Hair Oil~
For this oil, you will need two teaspoons of grated fresh Gan Jiang (ginger root) and ¼ cup Hei Zi Ma Oil, (Organic Black Sesame Oil). (You may use regular Organic Sesame Oil if Black Sesame Oil is not available.) This ginger hair oil treatment stimulates hair growth while alleviating dandruff and boosting the scalp’s circulation, so it is good for men or woman alike. It will leave your hair smelling faintly of ginger, a very pleasing scent. Place the grated ginger inside a piece of cheesecloth, or a thin clean cloth/old tee-shirt, (may get stained yellow, so some piece of cloth that you wont mind staining) and gently squeeze 1/2 teaspoon of the juice into the sesame oil. Mix the oil and juice together with a wooden spoon or chopstick until blended thoroughly. Massage the oil into your scalp and leave on for twenty minutes before shampooing, ( you may have to shampoo twice to get all of the Sesame Oil smell out of the hair. I have medium length hair, so I made a hot bath, wet my hair, combed it smooth and flipped the bottom ends of my hair so that they were on my scalp. I then tilted my head back and slowly poured the mixture on my ends and scalp. I massaged it into my scalp to really give my scalp a good soak, then I combed thru it to make sure the mixture reached every follicle.

I really enjoyed this exercise. It has inspired me to look further into the making of my own health and beauty products. Especially since I may have to look no further than my refrigerator. Saving money in times like these is important and much more easy when we do a little herbal mixing in our own kitchens.

On a side note, other uses for Gan Jiang (Ginger root) are:
muscle aches and strains from exercise, motion sickness, morning sickness, upset stomachs, colds, flu, indigestion, migraines, menstrual cramps, headaches, cough, chest congestion, and sexual potency in (wo)men :)

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