11 November 2010

Dreams are Queens

Today, I awoke feeling energized with so much love in my heart.
It's quarter to eleven in the morning, the sun is bursting from the blue sky and elevating the mood in my 1900's apartment.
I'm thinking of my friend, Buddhisaro, who is now a monk living in Thailand, taking refuge in the bamboo forest, daily prostrations, giving up the material world.
I wonder, is he happier?
I once called him soul-mate, now I call on him for guidance and clarity.
I think of him meditating everyday, keeping the world in balance, harmonizing the energies of the vast planet through meditation--keeping the seesaw of consciousness in check.
It's the material world that brings us down, ultimately. This may be why they call it the, "rat race." Underneath all of the accumulation for material wealth, what we really need and are always searching for is love and understanding.
We just want to be loved, understood, and accepted.
We want to be seen in our true light.
Finding friends that illuminate our potential is like finding truffles that are three feet under ground--rare and worth the effort to dig them out. True friends are like gems that always sparkle. Like diamonds to the light: rare, illuminating, unbreakable.
Losing a true friend is losing a lot, to say the least. It can leave a hole in the heart as big as the moon, and it weighs deeply upon the soul.
Not that I'm saying one should try to hold on to anything, I'm against all of that.
I know how it goes. I'm as hip for altruism as the next Buddhist.
But, when we are met half way, and I mean truly met--when we are encouraged and illuminated by another person's friendship--it takes a lot of perseverance to continue that momentum on ones own.

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