19 October 2010

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, (Question & Master) :)

(M)aster: If you do not have the wisdom and the strength to give up, just look at your possessions. Your mere looking will burn them up. If you can stand outside your mind, you will soon find that total renunciation of possessions and desires is the most obviously reasonable thing to do.
You create the world and then worry about it. Becoming selfish makes you weak. If you think you have the strength and courage to desire, it is because you are young and inexperienced. Invariably the object of desire destroys the moans of acquiring it and then itself withers away. It is all for the best, because it teaches you to shun desire like poison.
(Q)uestion: How am I to practice desirelessness?
(M)aster: No need to practice. No need of any acts of renunciation. Just turn your mind away, that is all. Desire is merely the fixation of the mind on an idea. Get it out of its groove by denying it attention.
(Q): That is all?
(M): Yes, that is all. Whatever may be the desire of fear, don't dwell upon it. Try and see for yourself. Here and there you may forget, it does not matter. Go back to your attempts till the brushing away of every desire and fear, of every reaction becomes automatic.
(Q): How can one live without emotions?
(M): You can have all the emotions you want, but beware of reactions, of induced emotions. Be entirely self-determined and ruled from within, not from without.
Merely giving up a thing to secure a better one is not true relinquishment. Give it up because you see its valuelessness. As you keep on giving up, you will find that you grow spontaneously in intelligence and power and inexhaustible love and joy.
(Q): Why so much insistence of relinquishing all desires and fears? Are they not natural?
(M): They are not. They are entirely mind-made. You have to give up everything to know that you need nothing, not even your body. Your needs are unreal and your efforts are meaningless. You imagine that your possessions protect you. In reality they make you vulnerable. Realize yourself as away from all that can be pointed at as 'this' or 'that'. You are unreachable by any sensory experiment or verbal construction. Turn away from time.
(Q): After I have heard you, what am I to do?
(M): Only hearing will not help you much. You must keep it in mind and ponder over it and try to understand the state of mind which makes me say what I say. I speak from truth; stretch your hand and take it. You are not what you think yourself to be, I assure you. The image you have of yourself is made up from memories and is purely accidental.
(Q): What I am is the result of my Karma.
(M): What you appear to be, you are not. Karma is only a word you have learned to repeat. YOu have never been, nor shall you ever be, a person. Refuse to consider yourself as one. But as long as you do not even doubt yourslef to be a Mr. So-and-so, there is little hope. When you refuse to open your eyes, what can you be shown?
(Q): I imagine Karma to be a mysterious power that urges me towards perfection.
(M): That's what people told you. You are already perfect, here and now. The perfectible is not you. You imagine yourself to be what you are not - stop it. It is the cessation that is important, not what you are going to stop.
(Q): Did not karma compel me to become what I am?
(M): Nothing compels. You are as you believe yourself to be. Stop believing.

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