11 October 2010

Pure Vida

I guess I have a lot to say today. I'm feeling so much lately. It's been interesting moving back to the bay area, otherwise known as the Yay Area. I spent a lot of time around these hills and valleys, but something is different now. The people with whom I've made these memories are long gone now; Thailand, New York, Heartwood, Kauai; friends are scattered like beautiful seeds upon the globe.
The crickets are alive tonight. They're playing a symphony of sound outside my window and I am inwardly moved to a certain calm, a calm I don't feel often. I can swim around in my own head sometimes, but yet, if I just come back to the present moment, I can check in with what is happening around me, and it's like medicine for what ever ails me. Harmonic ecstasy, rhythmic bliss, pure vida.

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