14 October 2010


I'd like to take a moment to reflect on gratefulness. Speaking with a friend last night, I had so much to share, there was so much reminiscing in so little time; births, deaths--life. It seemed there was little time made in the conversation for silence. I tend to ramble on when I'm excited and really want to connect. Luckily for me, my friend is a practicing Buddhist, met me on each level, shared and also lent his smile to me each time the music was too loud to hear or be heard--which made room for silence to enter. After not seeing this friend for quite some time, I really wanted to connect, and I've noticed that one of the lessons that I keep coming back to is the fact that silence is ok--something I was taught at Naropa, but keep re-learning again and again. Silence is something precious. When I'm nervous, or have a lot of news to share, I chatter away jovially. Luckily, it takes little effort for me to come back to the present moment. I am grateful for these kinds of friends, charming and kind, always carrying a certain sparkle of joy in their eyes. These faithful widom keepers branch out into the sweet corners of the earth, they are my kindred spirits, my star family.

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