08 May 2010

Sugiyame Waichi!

Can I just say how STOKED I am to be studying Japanese Acupuncture! My professors are amazing and yet so subtle in their righteousness.
These professors remind me of my time spent at Naropa.
Here's a story one of my teachers recently shared:
Sugiyame Waichi was a blind aspiring Acupuncturist from Japan who is famous for inventing the "guide tube", a tube sometimes made of silver, gold, bamboo or plastic that makes the needle much more painlessly and easily inserted into the skin. It is said that Waichi, (Japanese names are last name first, first name last) was not so good at needle insertion and his teacher had kicked him out of the practice because he did not show improvement like the other students. Being that he was blind, he knew being an Acupuncturist was his only choice in supporting himself and his family so he went to the bamboo shrine to pray. While in the forest it is said that he tripped on a stone and landed his hand on a tightly rolled up leaf or piece of bamboo with a pine needle thru it. It is said this is how he discovered the guide tube and was able to continue his education and become an Acupuncturist. I can relate to Waici in so many ways.
It seems that when we lose hope, all is not lost.
When our intention are strong and our mind is clearly determined, we can manage the most difficult tasks. ~Hai! (Yes!)

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