20 May 2010

"Not so much to be loved, but to love."

It's amazing how photos can bring back such beautiful memories that have been long forgotten, or have been pushed into the subconscious mind. Oh nostalgia, one day we're lamenting over a skinned knee, and soon enough we're living on fumes of past memories.. I didn't actually think I was going to have time to write tonight, I was just going to read my 200 pages of homework in, "Healing with Whole Foods" and go to sleep early, but to write is to live and tonight I need to write!
I've made a few friends but I've been feeling really missing my old friends, those special friends that I've already bonded with. There is something to say about the connection one feels after some time spent with close friends, I think it's just love. We all long for love. All the different degrees of it. After all, isn't all this coming and going on this planet really just about love and loving, being loved and being able to express love? Jonathan Richman says it best in his song titled, "Not so much to be loved, but to love." To be able to express love freely, that is the ultimate gift.

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