23 May 2010

Letting go

The senses in the body are a fantastic invention. Mucho kudos to the being or beings that created our set of intelligent systems we call the senses.
Lately I've been biking and walking a lot around town and particularly around my own hoodie.
My senses are on fire like a matriarch of illustrious harmonies and scents flood through my olfactory receptor neurons like the fourth of July on crack. Just now, while walking home I passed a couple in the early 60's and the smell that came from them reminded me of my childhood somehow, fruity and bright . I like to notice things.
The wind has really picked up today.
Mother Nature is spreading her pollen around town like a virgin on prom night.
The bushes and trees are bursting with new buds and seedlings all over are perched, ready to take a super hiatus to a new home as soon as the wind decides to pick up again. A quick pass by another community garden-- we're living in fertile times.

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