06 May 2010

"Ode to Friends"

Friends lift you up. They tell you when there's spinach in your teeth or when your zipper is down. They tell it like it is when you ask for the G-D's Honest Truth. They help you with those hard Pilates situps and will always encourage you to take that leap of faith. They laugh at your jokes and make it impossible to doubt yourself. Friends know just when to surprise you with that letter or card in the mail and an hour and a half on the phone with them seems like only minutes have passed. Friends always remember your birthday and they always take the best pictures of you. Friends are kind and know how to surprise you in their own special way. Friends teach you new words and new bands and help you with your homework. They know right when to call and are always available for last minute trips to the city or the hot-springs. Friends don't judge you but accept you for who you are. Friends want the best for you and will do anything to defend you; they keep your secrets and tell you theirs. Friends like the way you dance and sing and encourage you to try new things. Friends will hold your hand when you are sad and aren't afraid to tell you like it is when you aren't listening. Friends are there with you when others may fail you or when you feel like the end is near. Friends are friends and they're always willing to lend an ear. Friends bring you vegetables from their garden. Friends lend you their truck when you need to move and they don't mind carrying boxes. Friends can see your potential, they know how to make you laugh and they listen with an open ear. Mostly, friends deserve an "Ode to Friends". What a beautiful world this world has been--because of having such lovely friends.


Anonymous said...

so glad you're my friend Wendylicious!

Anahita said...

I'm lucky to have you as a friend, Maria D.J.R.V !
I love you and miss you and hope to see you soon!

Mama Pearl said...

love this!

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