26 May 2010

a little rant in the rain...

About six months ago if you would have asked me to delete my email accounts, my face.bk account and give back my cell phone, I would have run screaming from the room, but something has stirred in me and in the last month I did all of the above. I'm getting rid of a lot of bad habits these days, and it feels amazing. Why did I do this? I was way too involved and I needed something much more solid to connect to. When I write, I am inspired to stop and take notice of what is really going on with me.
I want to downsize my dependence on the grid altogether. I'm doing this in baby steps. I'll get there eventually. Cutting back on some of these things has been a healthy choice for me and freed up a lot of time to study, read, take walks, write letters, and generally enjoy life away from the electronic mecca. I know this little vay-kay from these social networks won't last long, so I am taking full advantage while I'm on this mini-hiatus and enjoying every minute of it.


Mama Pearl said...

I love this post... I love reading about your experiences.. and your life.. you are a very special lady! so glad you have a blog, I just started one this week, very nice outlet. I agree with the cell phone.. Want to get rid of mine soon... started slowly by taking internet off... that is my first step :)

Bird said...

Thanks for reading, Pearl! I appreciate your feedback and I enjoy reading your blog--keep em' coming. xo

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